Welcome To The Repair Shop

I have been repairing clocks with my Dad since 1998. I can repair most clocks including, but not limited to, anniversary clocks, cuckoo clocks, and pendulum clocks. I can replace quartz battery movements and fix a few electric clocks when parts are available. For an additional cost I do make house calls within a reasonable distance.

Estimates are free so give me a call to set up a time to bring your clock in.

Please note that I am unable to repair watches. However, you may contact John Appelt at appelt@clockandwatchrepairshop.com for watch repair.

Turn around time on repairs averages six weeks, but based on workload may take up to four months or more.

FIX IT TIP: Does your pendulum clock run a little too fast? Try turning the nut on the bottom of the pendulum to the left to lower the pendulum slightly. Running too slowly? Turn the nut to the right to raise the pendulum.

WINDING TIP: To keep best time, an Eight Day clock needs to be wound once a week. A thirty hour clock must be wound once a day. If you do not wind it completely it will not run for the expected time.

OLD WIVES' TALE: "I over wound my clock." You can't overwind a clock, unless you use excessive force once the key stops turning. Something may be broken but it's not over wound. When winding a spring driven clock, it will get harder and then should come to a stop.  

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